Talent Attraction: What it is and Things to Think About

What is talent attraction? Talent attraction is a term used in the Human Resources and Talent Acquisition field to describe luring the most desirable of passive candidates to a specific employer and incentivizing them to apply for work with implied and envisioned benefits. The means and strategies

Creating Efficiencies in Recruiting Using Modern Recruitment Marketing Strategies

As 2019 propels forward, recruiting leaders and talent acquisition teams have much to consider and prioritize when it comes to recruitment marketing. Questions about budgeting, candidate channels, and media can be overwhelming, especially when trying to track all this activity.

5 Tips Every Talent Leader Needs To Know About Recruiting Metrics

As a recruiting executive, you know how important it is to be able to demonstrate the value your team brings to your business. But with everything on your plate, it’s easy to put your recruiting metrics on the back burner. Or, perhaps you’re just not a math person, and so you’ve been putting it off

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