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A Key Focus to Increase Employee Engagement

Since 2020, the labor force has developed a collective mindset and voice that feels like a unity we’ve never experienced before. It has echoes of the national unity our country felt after September 11, 2001. The pandemic ushered this in when non-essential workers were sent home and office buildings

When Is It Okay To Lower Your Recruiting Standards?

You’ve heard about the war for talent. Many companies feel the intensity of this battle yet don’t have enough resources to come out victorious when they’re up against big companies with giant budgets and best-in-class equipment. For scrappy squads, they feel the unfair advantage and operate on the

Talent Allocation: Agile Workforce Planning  

Turnover happens. And the trend of employees quitting at a record pace will likely persist reveals McKinsey research. Prudential’s Pulse of the American Worker Survey found that 50% of respondents are either currently searching for or planning to look for a new opportunity. For the McKinsey survey,

Prioritizing Employee Mental Health is Good for Your People and Your Business

A global pandemic, social injustices across the nation, the war in Ukraine, economic volatility, and a surge in layoffs all factor into the increase in mental stress affecting employees. Just ask a counselor or therapist about the flood of new patients they’ve seen in the past two years and the

OnDemand Recruiting: Affordable Recruiting Help

Remember the days when candidates labored over all the details surrounding their office visit to meet your staff? Their clothing. Timing the commute right. The conference rooms jitters. That was the pre-2020 norm for candidates. Remote recruiting happened some, but it was a bit of a novelty.

Recruiting Metrics that Matter

In this new era of work — launched by the pandemic and reinforced by subsequent layoffs, two-plus years of remote work, and reevaluations of personal priorities — the job market has changed dramatically. In a recent TikTok video, popular career coach J.T. O’Donnell provided her insight into the

Should You Use Stock Photos and Actors for Recruiting?

To be or not to be authentic? That is the question at stake. When company leaders discuss using employee photos or stock photos on the website, on recruiting materials, or even internally, I hear a collective sigh from talent brand practitioners around the world. We are authenticity advocates who

Ways Artificial Intelligence Enhances an Employer Brand

When it comes to machines analyzing data to detect patterns and then make decisions, people vary in their comfort levels with the rapidly advancing capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). Despite the discussions evaluating the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence, there’s no doubt AI

What a Candidate Wants: Appealing to Talent in 2022

Since the government’s work-from-home order spawned a mass exodus from offices around the nation in March 2020, people have learned a lot about themselves and what they need and want in life, in their careers, and from employers. Professionals around the world continue to share their truth on

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