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A Simple Solution to a Recurring Problem – Recruiter Layoffs

In the world of Human Resources, recruiter layoffs are a trending topic as several tech companies have announced significant reductions in their recruitment organizations. Back in August, Apple made headlines when they laid off 100 contract recruiters. Deep cuts were made at Twitter as well. The

Don't Buy a New ATS Without Reading This First

Recruiting is not easy, and anyone involved in the process for more than 10 minutes can attest to that. The issues that can arise from a bad recruitment process are wide ranging. Challenges in attracting qualified candidates, engaging candidates with a compelling employee value proposition, proving

How To Get The Most Out of Your On Demand Recruiting Engagement

One of the hottest topics in the news and around the proverbial water cooler is the possibility of a recession hitting the United States this year or next. The primary focus of the concern is the massive number of layoffs that have been happening. To quote Crunchbase... 

Recruitment Optimization, Automation and Augmentation

Our CEO, Will Staney, was a guest on the podcast - "Recruiting Future with Matt Alder" today. The podcast and podcast description is below. Enjoy. 

How Alumni Programs Are Turning Into a Necessity for Success

Many companies’ alumni networks are an untapped resource. With cost savings of up to $75,000 per alumni hire, leveraging this community means investing in your organization’s success.  Through his company EnterpriseAlumni, James Sinclair is ushering in a new era of connection and showing companies

A Key Focus to Increase Employee Engagement

Since 2020, the labor force has developed a collective mindset and voice that feels like a unity we’ve never experienced before. It has echoes of the national unity our country felt after September 11, 2001. The pandemic ushered this in when non-essential workers were sent home and office buildings

Quality of Hire: How Do You Know You’ve Hired the Right Person?

Recruitment is a curious industry that is equal parts science and art. The ability to manage relationships, negotiate offers, and manage expectations is where emotional intelligence is crucial. These are factors in the recruitment process that cannot be automated nor enhanced with technology to any

Recorded Webinar: Headline Recruiting: Sourcing Passive Candidates From The News

This presentation is brought to you by Proactive Talent and intended for those with an interest in recruitment, talent acquisition, sourcing and/or anyone with an interest in candidate search tips.

Recession or not, how do you recruit during an uncertain economic climate?

One of the most popular quotes in the past few years must be, “These are interesting times” because I have heard it repeated on countless occasions, especially as it relates to our economy. No matter your position on the political spectrum, everyone agrees that the market is taking a slide towards

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