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Do Yourself a Favor and Avoid these Recruitment Marketing Pitfalls

I have noticed on several occasions how companies work against themselves when attracting talent. It is at a point where I am frustrated for them, especially those who take recruitment marketing for granted. Specifically, I am referring to online job advertising. In my opinion, so many

The Holy Trinity of Recruitment Advertising

Automation, Programmatic and Analytics together are fundamentally changing how recruitment advertising is bought, managed and optimized, with many large corporations and agencies increasingly putting systems in place. Used in concert, they are the holy trinity of recruitment advertising.

Why Programmatic Job Advertising Needs To Be Part of your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

When promoting a fresh job opening, a hard-to-fill role, or a series of seemingly never-ending high-volume opportunities, many talent attraction professionals have limited advertising resources available to them. The reflex of most is to rely on the larger recruitment marketing channels, Indeed and

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