From Good Intentions to Execution: Implementing Holistic DEI Solutions

Younger generations of workers, in particular, demand that employers create a fair environment for everyone. As a result of these priorities, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts in the workplace matter more than ever before.  Companies need to...

OnDemand Recruiting: Affordable Recruiting Help

Remember the days when candidates labored over all the details surrounding their office visit to meet your staff? Their clothing. Timing the commute right. The conference rooms jitters. That was the pre-2020 norm for candidates. Remote recruiting...

Are people going back to the office?

Some major companies are demanding their employees return to the office.  But the data says that workers don't want to go, forcing a showdown between labor and management. Does this mean that remote work is dead? If not, what is the cost of not...

A Little Bit of Kindness Is Good For The Bottom Line

In this episode of TribePod, Jim Stroud interviews CHRO John Riley on leadership traits and the conversation morphs into how kindness influences the bottom line and enhances employer brand. Questions asked during this interview include: 

Why You Should Be Recruiting During  Recession 2022

One of the most popular topics of discussion these days is “recession.” It is very popular in the news media and even more evident in search engine trends. For example, check out the dramatic rise in popularity of the term “recession 2022” on...

Sample OOO Juneteenth Holiday Message

Juneteenth is a company-wide holiday we celebrate at Proactive Talent.


Quite recently, Microsoft made headlines by announcing that they will soon post salary ranges for all job openings. To quote the Daily Mail… 

HR in Paradise: Resolving Workplace Conflicts and Communication Issues in Hawaii

Vince Abramo discusses coaching communication and conflict resolution with TribePod host - Jim Stroud. Vince is based in Hawaii, which Jim found fascinating. Are the Human Resources issues in Hawaii different from the issues faced in the...

Are Great Leaders Born or Made? Hannah Balogun knows.

Today, TribePod interviews an expert on the topic of leadership - Hannah Balogun .    

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