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WEBINAR: How To Source Passive Candidates from the News [UPDATED]

We offer several free resources for attracting, recruiting and retaining talent on our downloadables page and among them is a training guide - "Headline Recruiting: Sourcing Passive Candidates from the News." Due to the popularity of that resource, we have decided to produce a webinar that expands

How To Source Female Software Developers

Companies have made some bold promises when it comes to diversity initiatives, even before the protests ignited by the death of George Floyd. Women and minorities are underrepresented in several industries. This disparity is especially evident within the tech industry where female software

Make Better Choices: How Employer Branding Helps Recruiting by Making Your Decisions Obvious

When it comes to your employer brand, how do you choose what video to make? Or what to tweet? Or what new tool to buy? If you've been to a conference lately, you've seen how many new companies are popping up to help you "strengthen your employer brand" or "attract better talent." We live in a time

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