February 26, 2019

Make Better Choices: How Employer Branding Helps Recruiting by Making Your Decisions Obvious

When it comes to your employer brand, how do you choose what video to make? Or what to tweet? Or what new tool to buy?

If you've been to a conference lately, you've seen how many new companies are popping up to help you "strengthen your employer brand" or "attract better talent." We live in a time when there is an abundance of choices to be made about how to achieve your business objectives and talent goals.

So how do you choose? 

We’ll make it simple for you. If you decide to make a video, how do you know what kind of video to make? You can make a video about anything, so how do you choose?

Too many companies are effectively flipping a coin or blindly playing "follow-the-leader." If someone else makes a "day-in-the-life" video, so will they. If someone else starts doing “talking heads” videos, so will they. 

But as you know, playing “follow-the-leader” ensures you never get to take the lead. You'll always be in second place, or worse, you’ll just do exactly what other companies do. 

Is there a better way to choose? Is there a better way to make the decision on what kind of video to make, on what kind of topics to cover, what the tone should be?

There is. And that answer starts with understanding the structure and architecture of your own employer brand. You need to understand who you are before you know what you should be saying about yourself.

If you'd like to learn more about employer branding and how it will help you make smarter choices at work, we've got a 50-minute webinar for you to watch at your leisure. Our lead consultant, James Ellis, will pull back the curtain and show you how an employer brand is created and how it focuses your decision-making to take the lead in the fight for talent.


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