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3 Things To Do On GitHub And StackOverflow to Attract Tech Talent

Last week we wrote about how LinkedIn's decreasing engagement, especially amongst technical talent, is making it increasingly harder to attract these candidates on the platform, and how having a multi-channel, targeted strategy to sourcing and talent attraction is absolutely key.

3 Facebook Hacks Every Recruiter Should Know

Facebook now has over 1 billion daily active users and 1.59 billion monthly active users. This is 15 times more monthly active users than LinkedIn, who touts itself as the world’s largest professional network. Looking at these numbers, it’s hard to ignore Facebook’s potential for recruiting and

Can't Beat 'Em, Buy 'Em: Linkedin Acquires Connectifier

Meme by Kerri Mills, who shared it in the SourceCon Facebook group. Much to the shock and disappointment of the recruiting and sourcing world, Linkedin has just announced today they have bought one of their competitors in the sourcing product category, Connectifier. I'm not sure I know how to

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