November 05, 2021

TribePod: This is why the CEO should not be the CDO

This podcast is the second in a series of "Ask Me Anything" podcast events featuring Greg Fontus and a special guest.Today Greg is speaking with Chief Diversity Officer - Dr. Theresa R. Horne, CPTM, CSM, SHRM-SCP. Topics discussed in this episode include the following:

  • Why is the DEI industry booming right now?
  • When it comes to DEI, what is the appropriate amount of investment  for your company? Should there be a Chief Diversity Officer in your company?
  • This is why the CEO should not be be the CDO.
  • How much staff should a CDO have?
  • What do you do when the CEO does not seem to care about DEI?
  • Chief People and Diversity Officer vs Chief Diversity Officer. Which is better?
  • What are some examples of resistance to DEI and ways to confront them?
  • How to gather data for strategic DEI initiatives
  • What are some core elements that should be the foundation of any DEI program?
  • Advice for DEI advocates who want to work in the industry



Dr. Theresa R. Horne, CPTM, CSM, SHRM-SCP

Dr. Horne is an experienced senior advisor in DEIA, Human Capital, Training and Development who develops and aligns complex programs and business initiatives for the federal and private companies. She has a 15+ year history of contributions to the government, military and private industries in operations, diversity and inclusion, human capital and adult learning. Dr. Horne has researched and developed comprehensive leadership development, culture action planning and career development programs impacting leaders on a global scale. She is an award-winning novelist, industry columnist and government leader that has spoken at multiple federal agencies, private organizations on the intersection of culture, leadership and strategic alignment. She owns Dynamic Training Partners as a minority, veteran and woman-owned organization. She is a proud Army veteran and enjoys reading, traveling and coaching youth sports.

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The Business of Learning, Episode 29: How Training Professionals Can Help Organizations Eliminate Racism


Greg Fontus has over 10 years’ worth of knowledge and experience challenging and empowering others to be inclusively excellent. As a sought-after diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategist, trainer, thought leader, and motivator he has made it a mission to inspire and impact others to be positive agents of social change in order to create environments where all people matter and belong regardless of identity.

Greg holds graduate degrees from the University of South Florida in Curriculum Instruction and from Vanderbilt University in Divinity. He also holds DEI certifications as a Cook Ross Unconscious Bias Trainer, a Green Dots Bystander Intervention Trainer, and a National Coalition Building Institute Trainer.

As someone dedicated to the work of inclusion, equity, justice, and advocacy, Greg has accepted as his personal call to action the words of civil rights leader Rev. James Lawson who stated: “We are citizens of a country that does not yet exist. It is our duty to usher that country into existence.”

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