October 25, 2021

TribePod: Things to Consider When Considering People Analytics

Courtney Lane and Jim Stroud navigate around a few technical issues to discuss people analytics with the CEO of HR Forecast - Christian Vetter. Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Is "The Great Resignation" going global? What do the trends say?

  • Should skills be the priority of job boards and not job titles? 

  • Lessons learned from going 100% virtual

  • Things to consider when considering people analytics

And more...


Christian Vetter is CEO and Co-Founder at HRForecast, a German HR tech company. Christian is an HR tech expert with a focus on cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and Big Data.

      The Candidate Experience Checklist

      The Candidate Experience Checklist

      3 Touchpoints That Can Elevate Your Employer Brand

      3 Touchpoints That Can Elevate Your Employer Brand


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