November 18, 2021

3 Touchpoints That Can Elevate Your Employer Brand

When you serve as many clients as we do, its easy to take some things for granted. The things that are all too obvious to us, often slip past the radar of our customers. This is where we tend to be appreciated most. Let me give you an example of what I mean. 

Imagine that you've redesigned your career site with all of your amazing content and new messaging and you have a strong recruitment marketing strategy that is driving traffic to your website. You have also launched and currently manage various social media channels that amplify your voice. Everything is covered, right? Not really.

Even with such a strong foundation there are some key pieces of the candidate journey that should be tweaked in order to elevate your employer brand even further. That being said, here are some (less obvious) candidate touchpoints that should be included with your employer brand messaging:

1. Recruiter Outreach

This is oftentimes the first interaction a potential candidate has with your Company. Unless you are confident that the lead is familiar with your brand (i.e. is a referral, boomerang, follows your company on social media, etc), assume that they are not. This means the first impression is critical. This also means that your recruiters being properly trained on how to activate your employer brand is essential. Creating various outreach templates with employer brand messaging is a good start, but we all know that the more personal a message is, the more likely it will elicit a response. Aside from templates, it is recommended that you train your recruiters on how to determine a person’s motivations, and how to utilize those motivations to showcase the applicable attributes of your employer brand. Your lead should be so intrigued that even though they aren’t actively looking for opportunities, they are compelled to learn more. 

2. Your ATS email communications

Automated ATS communication can be a lifesaver (aka “huge time saver'') but we have all seen the standard responses that sound artificial, offer no value, and sometimes can be downright frustrating and harmful to your employer brand. These messages don’t need to be overcomplicated, candidates are not interested in reading an essay to let them know that their application was received, they were selected for an interview, and definitely not if they were declined for the opportunity. It is critical to remember the purpose of the email but at the same time, the language and tone should match all your other communications. You should also provide relevant links when applicable to keep them engaged throughout the process: joining talent communities, learning more via social media sites, your blog, upcoming events, etc. 

3. Your Offer Letter

A successful employer brand strategy encompasses the entire candidate lifecycle and then moves seamlessly to the employee lifecycle. Your employer brand lives within your organization so it’s important that what you portray externally matches what candidates can expect internally. Think of the offer letter as the first official communication that begins that transition from candidate experience to employee experience. Yes, offer letters are legal documents that have a lot of “must includes” but that doesn’t mean that you can’t humanize it and once again, match the language and tone when you are able. If your brand is a bit more fun and quirkier and then a candidate gets a very rigid and cold offer letter, they may think that their employee experience isn’t going to match what they’ve seen so far (aka they’ve been catfished). But even if they write off the disconnect as a one-off due to the formality of offer letters, you’ve still missed a key opportunity to weave in your employer brand in all aspects of your communication (which is not only a best practice, but will increase the chances of your employees amplifying these messages naturally through repeated exposure). 

What are some candidate touchpoints that you’ve seen overlooked too often? What messaging are you currently tackling? 

Not quite that far along? We at Proactive Talent can help define your EVP and build out an Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing strategy to not only bring your employer brand to life but to bring the right candidates to you! Click here and we can have the conversation. 

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