February 11, 2021

TribePod: An Interview with Mark Heydt

In this episode, Courtney Lane interviews Mark Heydt, author of "Rescuing the Corporate Exhausted Hero".  Mark is focused on helping leaders truly elevate their leadership from exhaustion to being a strategic leader.  He focuses on coaching leaders to delegate effectively so they can focus on creating vision, influencing change proactively, and coaching their teams.


Mark Heydt is the Chief Learning Officer and Founder of Game Plan Leader, LLC. An experienced speaker, published author, and entrepreneur, Mark has held senior level positions leading the strategy and execution of talent development, talent management, talent acquisition, and talent engagement at large companies including Target, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, DCP Midstream, and Sports Authority.  Now as a consultant, he has added experience in healthcare, manufacturing, marketing, tech services, government, media, and financial services.

Mark's passion is to eliminate exhaustion from the corporate world.  This can be achieved by elevating leaders into true strategic leadership roles from their individual contributor roles.

As an International Coach Federation certified coach, Mark has experience coaching many C-suite executives, divisional leaders, entrepreneurs, and middle managers. Mark’s clients consistently praise his positive energy and his ability to develop a collaborative and strategic environment. His programs create actionable game plans that deliver results. His clients also say that his extensive corporate experience provides relevant situational examples that helps gain the trust from both executives and program participants.

Mark has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University and a Master’s in Organizational Development & Training from the University of Denver.

Contact Mark Heydt via his website: www.MarkHeydt.com



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