February 08, 2021

Proactive Talent Hires Pete Lawson for VP of Growth

The uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has not stunted the growth of the agile recruitment processing outsourcing company – Proactive Talent who made a strategic hire with Pete Lawson, VP of Growth and Client Services. This is a transformational leadership role owning revenue for the company and helping fuel Proactive Talent’s exponential growth through strategic excellence in sales, partnerships, and go to market strategy.

Pete Lawson has a history of leading talent strategies with companies who are experiencing rapid growth, having worked with Postmates, Anaplan, Zenefits, Glassdoor and Successfactor

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s during critical phases in their development and accelerated growth trajectory. From building teams and talent functions from scratch to upleveling an existing talent framework, Pete has experience in leading teams through transformational strategies that will build amazing brands and culture to attract best in class talent, along with process’ and tools that will allow for maximum efficiency and positive experiences for candidates in their journeys through the interviewing lifecycle. Pete’s experience around these core pillars and his overall leadership experience were a perfect marriage for what Proactive Talent is solving for at its core.

When asked why he decided to accept Proactive Talent’s opportunities versus others, he said,

“I have always been attracted to building great teams and cultures that transform and drive an organization through its biggest asset: people. Pairing that love with Proactive Talent was a perfect match. This is what Proactive Talent has built its business on, attracting some of the best Talent Leaders in the market to deliver these same results to their clients - me being one of them during my time at Postmates and Anaplan. Having the opportunity to connect with people and organizations on a global scale, who also believe in this work and are truly invested in their people, is a true honor.”

Will Staney, CEO of Proactive Talent, looks forward to future successes with Pete Lawson. Their paths have crossed several times throughout their careers having worked together building modern talent acquisition strategy and teams at SuccessFactors, SAP, Glassdoor, Anaplan, Postmates, and several others. Moreover, Pete was a Consultant for Proactive Talent in its earliest days back in 2016.

“Having Pete back home at Proactive Talent helping lead our growth and making sure our clients are well supported through our holistic services is an early mutual dream of ours. Having a proven, fast-growth TA leader in this role was very important to me. Who better to help talent leaders navigate their hiring challenges than one of the best of the best in their field? Pete also has experienced our firm every way someone can. As a freelance consultant and individual contributor, as a client (both Talent Attraction and Hiring), a candidate, and now as a very visible leader helping take us into the future at a very key time. What a testament to the amazing organization we built for such a serendipitous coming together of industry-leading Talent Acquisition professionals at a time when this industry really needs a service provider solution like us--and a model like we have.”


Proactive Talent is the leading power partner to your recruiting engine. We're a coalition of recruiting and talent brand practitioners who provide the necessary tools and talent to tighten your hiring gaps, bolster your retention rates and embolden your company mission, giving you the competitive edge needed in the ever-changing recruiting industry. With a holistic approach, we work alongside clients to help them build a powerful recruiting engine that enables them to efficiently attract, recruit, and retain top talent. We specialize in adding power to your full candidate journey from Talent Attraction to Hiring. Our clients include enterprise companies like Postmates, Basic American Foods, LegalZoom, GoDaddy, and Realtor.com as well as fast-growing startups like Calendly, Guideline, and Anaplan.

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