May 23, 2017

15 Resources for Employer Branding Professionals

Managing your company’s employer brand is no small feat. It’s a constant, always-on responsibility, but there’s a reason you choose to invest in it. All over the world, companies dedicate time and resources to promoting and managing their EB because it truly does pay off. We see that evidenced by the fact that more than half of candidates believe employer brand to be the most significant deciding factor when choosing an employer. It’s not just talk. Every day candidates are choosing where to work based on what people have to say about a company and the online presence they hold.  

If you’re an employer branding professional, these facts are nothing new. Those who work in the industry know the enormous effect that their efforts can have on a company’s ability to hire and retain people who make the business successful. To help you achieve this, we’ve put together a list of some our most-loved and highly successful resources to inspire, educate, and help you reach your employer branding goals.  

To Educate and Benchmark

Employer branding ROI calculator  

Whether you need to better understand the impact of your efforts or need to explain it to others in your organization, NextWave Hire’s Employer Branding ROI Calculator does the work for you. Just input your numbers into the Excel spreadsheet and you’ll have your ROI in seconds.  

Glassdoor Global Recruiting Trends report  

Glassdoor’s 5th annual report uncovers worldwide recruiting trends that will help you identify employer branding best practices and understand how EB has developed over the years.  

Job Seeker Nation Study  

Understand your audience and potential candidates better with Jobvite’s 7th job seeker study. The report reveals what’s motivating and concerning today’s workforce - valuable information you can use to reach candidates through your employer brand strategy.  

Social Recruitment Monitor Index 

The SRM Index is a definitive benchmarking tool for social recruitment. It helps you to accurately and objectively evaluate your organization’s performance against the competition. It’s a carefully formulated mix of three measurable parameters (Popularity, Activity, and Interactivity), each weighted according to the particular social media channel being measured. 

Building strategy  

Employer Branding Strategies Conference 

Sometimes an immersive experience is just want you need to inspire and learn. The Employer Branding Strategies Conference will do just that, giving you tools and tips to develop your strategy, strengthen your employer brand and learn about best practices. I spoke at this conference last week and was blown away by the content, networking with other EB managers and Recruiting Leaders, and learned a ton while enjoying the great city of Chicago. I highly reccommend for all who are involved or want to learn more about Employer Branding.    

Proactive Talent Strategies 

If you thought Proactive Talent’s employer branding services were just for companies without employer branding professionals, think again. While we do help companies launch employer brands, we also help companies that are already succeeding in this area or are looking for a partner to take it to a new level. Through comprehensive audits evaluating your current employer brand or simply supporting the team with everything from content production to campaign execution on specific project-based campaigns or programs, we help companies in many different stages of employer brand adoption. is a community for employer branding and recruitment marketing professionals. The mission of is provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences, opportunities and knowledge-sharing around the tactics and strategy of talent attraction. Through monthly member meetings, Twitter chats (#EBChat), and the TalentBrand communities on Slack and Facebook, recruitment marketing and employer branding professionals across every industry come together to share next practices, trends, job openings (#EBJobs), technologies, and vendor recommendations. Find out more by applying to join the community today. 

Promoting your brand


Social media is the cornerstone of employer branding today, and Buffer is the easiest way to do it. Through Buffer, you can manage your social networks and let the tool schedule posts for you to optimize engagement. It’s one of our favorite social management tools.  


It would be nearly impossible for most companies to generate enough content to sustain their social networks, which is why sharing valuable content is so important. Feedly generates lists of content based on the subjects that are relevant to you, which you can then easily share.  


Social analytics are just the beginning of the insights you can gather through social. Radian6 allows you do that with its powerful social listening tools that help you understand your candidate pool and guide your social strategy.  

Internally focused resources 

Dynamic Signal  

With Dynamic Signal, you can easily communicate with employees about what’s going on within the company, and encourage them to share approved content on their own social networks. It’s a an easy way to inform and engage the best brand ambassadors you have, your workforce.  

Digital signage management  

One of the simplest and most powerful tools you have to promote your employer brand internally is through digital signage. There are a number of services you can use to manage them, including EnplugConnectedSign and UPshow. It’s a cost-effective, easy-to-update solution that every company should have.  


Social responsibility is an increasingly important factor of employer brands. With YourCause, you can track and improve employee giving, volunteering, sustainability and grant programs. It helps you understand and communicate the value of your social responsibility, which is incredibly attractive to candidates.  

There are an endless number of resources you can use to help strengthen your employer brand, but we hope you’ll find these favorites useful. No matter what tools or techniques you’re using, remember that a good employer brand is built on authenticity, consistency and a comprehensive approach that involves internal and external efforts. The tools may evolve, but those characteristics will always be the trademarks of a good employer brand.  




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