May 02, 2017

How to Write Interesting Content for your Career Site

Anyone who has ever worked to carve out a space for candidates online has probably heard the term “content is king.” But what’s not said as often is that not just any content will do. It’s a case of quality over quantity, and when it comes to quality, it’s interesting stories and articles that will always win. Everywhere we turn, content is vying for our attention and pulling us from one direction to the other so quickly that we can’t even remember what we’ve just read. This means that creating great content for your career site isn’t a value add - it’s a necessity. It’s one of the best ways to grab the attention of passive candidates, and keep active candidates coming back to your career site.  

The problem is, creating interesting content is easier said than done. Oftentimes, what we want to communicate beats out what candidates actually want to read. Take a look at these five tips for creating interesting content for your career site that will stick out to candidates, and keep your company top of mind.  

Consider your audience’s demographics 

Companies tend to focus their content tightly around the tone and voice of their employer brand, but it’s important to remember who you’re writing to. Your career site content should have a personality, and it should be written in a style and tone that resonates with your ideal candidate pool. Depending on the industry, region and average age of your candidates, you may want to tailor your content specifically for them. For instance, if your target candidates are senior-level insurance professionals, the way you communicate is going to be vastly different than if you’re aiming to reach entry-level designers. Aside from the tone and style of your content being adjusted, also consider the types of content that your candidate pool is drawn to and build your content calendar out accordingly.  

Expand the types of content you use 

10 years ago, a blog was a block of text. Today, a blog can include any type of content, from video to images to games, quizzes, publications and so much more. Don’t lock yourself into thinking every piece of content must be 500 words, one image and three links. Consider what types of content your candidate pool connects best with, and run with it. The great thing about using various mediums within your content is that you can repurpose and reuse all that content throughout your online channels. Adding these types of content also makes your social media posts highly clickable. Videos, images and interactive opportunities will always win over text, and taking this approach gives you that advantage.  

Write for your niche candidate pool 

Sourcing and recruiting a very specific type of candidate can be difficult, but creating content just for them is simple and effective. Just a few posts tailored specifically to a niche market could become sticky content that allows these candidates to find you years down the line. Having this niche-focused content available is also a great reason to reach out to specific candidates, communicate on niche job boards and in less obvious places online where these people spend their time.  

Make people the focal point  

Whether you’re writing content for your career site or writing for TIME magazine, the key to making anything interesting is to make it a human interest story. Writing a story about your company’s recent charitable effort? Talk to the person whose life was changed by the nonprofit. Discussing careers in technology? Sit down with the woman who changed career paths later in life and found her passion. No matter the story, readers need something they can connect with, and this is especially true when you’re writing about corporate efforts, promoting your company or otherwise trying to attract candidates. Just like in B2B sales, people communicate with people, not companies, and candidates want to connect with humans, not HR departments.  

Stay current  

While you should have a content calendar to keep you on track, don’t be afraid to shake it off every once in awhile and join the rest of the world in important conversations. Talking about current events and news may not give you sticky content that will live forever, but it will give you very clickable, timely content. Don’t limit yourself just to current events and popular news, though. Follow the industry news that your candidates read and care about, and be ready to write when something comes down the pipeline that ‘s just right for your audience. It won’t make you a news outlet, but it will set you apart from other career sites.  

Creating interesting content is a vital part of shaping your online presence. By focusing on this area of your employer brand, you’ll be able to draw candidates to your career site and start making real connections with candidates. 

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