April 04, 2017

Why Hire Proactive Talent Over an RPO?

Bringing in outside recruiting services has long been used as a way to supplement, or sometimes completely fill, the need for recruiters in an organization. In the same way that other areas of the business might hire temporary help, outside recruiting services can be the perfect solution for companies who see a sudden increase in hiring, have a temporary gap on their team or just want the help of specialized recruiters. It keeps hiring on track so the rest of the company can run the business as usual, no matter what HR and recruiting are dealing with.  

But the traditional source of outside recruiting services, hiring recruiting process outsourcing firms or RPOs, may not always be the best choice when it comes to your time, budget and strategy. Once upon a time they may have been the only choice, but there’s a better solution for outsourcing recruiting or getting just a bit of help along the way: OnDemand Recruiting from Proactive Talent.  

Not only does OnDemand Recruiting give you what a traditional RPO delivers - industry-focused hiring, scalable solutions, a pipeline of talent - it also provides several advantages that RPOs just can’t. Take a look at the ways that Proactive Talent meets your needs in ways that an RPO will never be able to: 

Budget friendly  

One of the most important factors for most companies is how costly contingency recruiting will be. This is especially true if a need arises quickly and outside recruiting services haven’t been built into the budget. RPOs can be very expensive and sometimes just aren’t feasible when the need is significant and sudden. OnDemand Recruiting from Proactive Talent is much more cost effective than traditional contingency recruiting and you only pay for it when you need it.  

Quick activation  

Forget lengthy ramp-up and integration periods - our OnDemand recruiters can be activated quickly to fill a need, and are skilled in diving right in regardless of your unique needs. It’s our job to jump when the need arises and quickly mesh with your team and ATS, and we do it well. Our team is ready and armed with the latest sourcing tools and technology to find the right people for your organization.  

There when you need it, not when you don’t  

If you’ve ever paid for a gym membership you’re not using, you know how frustrating it can be to throw away money on something you don’t need. While traditional RPOs may require time-specific contracts, Proactive Talent’s OnDemand Recruiting can be turned off or on each month with no extra fees. It’s the most cost-effective way to recruit because you pay only for what you need. It can also allow your company to gear up for a specific project or season without making a year-long commitment to pay for something you only need for a few months. It’s one of the major advantages of OnDemand Recruiting.  

Use us as your launch pad 

Many companies use OnDemand Recruiting when they just need a bit of extra recruiting support, but some wish to launch or improve their own in-house team and look to OnDemand Recruiting to get them started. Proactive Talent is much more than just OnDemand Recruiting, and companies utilize our services to develop or optimize their internal capabilities and strategy. We hire the people you need now while developing the team and strategy you need for the future.  

Go beyond recruiting  

Because Proactive Talent offers more comprehensive services than a traditional RPO - including recruiting optimizationtrainingrecruiting videosemployer branding and more - our OnDemand recruiters keep the whole picture in mind. We’re not filling a position, we’re helping your organization build its reputation. Whether you choose to engage our other services or not, OnDemand recruiters take a holistic approach that’s representative of Proactive Talent’s entire mission - to help evolve the way companies recruit.  

Proactive Talent’s OnDemand Recruiting is an innovative source for contingency recruiting, bringing results and keeping your company’s best interests at heart all along the way. Regardless of industry, size or need, our OnDemand recruiters are ready to help you hire right the first time and improve your processes.  

Want more information about OnDemand Recruiting? Shoot us a quick email for more details.  

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