April 16, 2021

In Search of Perfect Feedback: An Interview with Dale Rose

In this episode, Courtney Lane interviews Dale rose, a nationally recognized expert in leadership development, 360 Feedback and assessment-based human resources solutions. 360 Feedback is likely something you have experienced in corporate environments. However, the way organizations implement the assessment might be less than optimum. So, what is the best way to give and receive 360 feedback? Find out here.


As an advisor to senior leaders for over 20 years, Dale S. Rose brings a deep expertise in organizational and individual effectiveness to his coaching. He coaches leaders to achieve their goals by focusing them on practical behaviors that generate tangible results. The best leaders articulate a compelling organizational vision and create a high performance culture that allows employees to achieve that vision. To attain these goals, leaders who work with Dale learn to communicate with impact, engage employees, empower their team, and inspire their peers. Dale is particularly adept at getting leaders to understand and accept difficult feedback using assessments of personality, workstyles, and behavioral 360 Feedback. He helps leaders see a path for improvement on their highest priorities and then holds them accountable to their goals for change. 

Dale works primarily with C-suite leaders and boards of directors. He has extensive experience working with leaders navigating role transitions. Transitions such as entering a new role, preparing for a promotion, or adapting to major organizational change pose significant challenges to even the best leaders. Dale focuses on the critical shifts in behavior and job requirements that will help leaders adapt. To make a big transition successfully, leaders must level up their own capacities efficiently, focusing on the most important skills and responsibilities, without getting caught up in what was needed in the past. Additionally, understanding the shifts in expectations of key stakeholders is essential to leaders trying to make a significant change in their roles, responsibilities, and sphere of influence. Dr. Rose co-founded 3D Group in 1994 in Chicago, Illinois. He is an expert in leadership development and organizational effectiveness and has authored over a dozen commercial assessments for identifying and developing talent. Dr. Rose’s coaching clients have come from a wide range of companies including Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Brown and Toland Physicians, DoCoMo Laboratories, Fiserv, GE Digital, GlobalScape, Irvine Companies, Juniper Networks, NORCAL Mutual Insurance Co., PwC, Samuel Merritt University, Service Master, Singulex, Stanford University, and Teach for America. He received his Doctoral degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Chicago’s DePaul University with a minor in Organizational Effectiveness Technologies.


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