January 24, 2017

HRExaminer Executive Conversations with Will Staney [VIDEO]

Click here to listen to Will Staney's interview with HRExaminer. 

This past Friday our CEO & Founder, Will Staney, had the pleasure of interviewing with HRExaminer's Executive Conversations Series with John Sumser. The interview talks about why Will started Proactive Talent Strategies, how he got into recruiting, and how he's built employer brands for some of the most successful, industry leading companies out there. He also talks about trends in the space and how recruitment marketing and employer branding is on the cusp of revolutionizing the Human Resources industry.  

When asked his secret sauce when it comes to starting his own company he says, "I'm very stubborn and bullish, I have no problem talking to anyone at any level from the CEO down and sharing my mind in a respectful way as to what's right while using data and metrics to back it up." 

Interested on hearing what's going on at Proactive Talent Strategies? Or learning about trends that are affecting the industry? Listen in on the interview 

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