April 18, 2018

How to Compete with Google and Facebook for Talent

Every firm wants to hire the best candidates possible for their firm, yet many firms fall short of this, by making a few mistakes during the hiring process. Hiring culturally fit employees who are willing to say or do anything while at work to agree to the founder’s values is just one of these many mistakes. Hiring employees from elite socio-economic backgrounds as compared to raw and pure talent from diversified backgrounds is another one of the common yet fatal hiring errors done by most firms that must have the very best! Listed below are four ways you can compete with Google and Facebook for talent while winning the recruitment race.

4 Ways to Compete with the Googles and Facebooks for Talent

1. Be ready to hire.

As a recruiter, before the interview process, chances are that you have done your research about each candidate and found out his/her strong points and weaknesses. Since each of the candidates that you are interviewing has been sourced out carefully and screen meticulously to give you a list of eligible candidates that are worth interviewing, when you walk into the room as an interviewer, your goal should be to hire and not to reject for the slightest flaws. This is crucial if you want to hire worthwhile talent that might be bagged by other employers while you are still deciding on the outcome of the interview

2. Be focused in on your employees personal growth

Being a lean and small company has it’s advantages to the bigger tech giants. Offer a clear roadmap to leadership within your company and invest in your employees personal growth. While the Googles and Facebooks out there also invest in their employees they can sometimes get bogged down in processes and hierarchy that your smaller company doesn’t necessarily have to adhere to. Whether this is through a leadership trainee program, investing in different career growth opportunities, or a yearly stipend for personal growth -- make the investment.

3. Offer greater transparency into the business

Employees who are able to see a holistic view of the business and how everything works together are more likely to stay at your company and not go to the big tech giants. Offering a workplace that is full of transparency and leadership that backs it up will make your employees feel more vested and engaged within your workplace which leads to higher retention and employee loyalty.

4. Offer Flexible Working Conditions Such As A Remote Workforce Option

Various researches indicate that over 60% of employees that work within the confines of an office are more likely to choose to work in a remote working environment for the same pay. Remote work environments are not only good for employees but also for employers who do not want to invest in a fixed infrastructure but would like to enjoy the various perks of maximum productivity, minimal absence and content employees. If you do not have a remote work option, then consider it especially if you want to hire candidates that have the needed skills, can add value to your company but need flexible schedules to be able to provide high-quality work while keeping deadlines in mind.

You’re not always going to beat out the top players in the game, but focusing in on these four key areas will help you retain the good employees and build a strong core employee base.

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