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Recruiting During an Economic Downturn: Why Candidate Experience Matters

The current state of the economy has made it even more challenging for businesses to recruit top talent. But despite the challenges, one thing remains clear: candidate experience matters, regardless of the labor market. Currently, the labor market, particularly within the knowledge worker space, is

A Simple Solution to a Recurring Problem – Recruiter Layoffs

In the world of Human Resources, recruiter layoffs are a trending topic as several tech companies have announced significant reductions in their recruitment organizations. Back in August, Apple made headlines when they laid off 100 contract recruiters. Deep cuts were made at Twitter as well. The

How To Get The Most Out of Your On Demand Recruiting Engagement

One of the hottest topics in the news and around the proverbial water cooler is the possibility of a recession hitting the United States this year or next. The primary focus of the concern is the massive number of layoffs that have been happening. To quote Crunchbase...

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