July 01, 2020

A Deeper Dive Into Talent Assessment Tool - Predictive Index

A few years ago, I wrote a blog about some of my favorite hiring assessments out on the market. One of the assessments I wrote about was the Predictive Index. Since writing that blog, I had the opportunity to engage with the Predictive Index platform at a deeper level as an end-user. And it turns out the Predictive Index isn’t a hiring assessment.

Yes, the Behavioral Assessment they offer does in fact help companies make better hiring decisions. But more than that, the Predictive Index is an entire methodology and talent management ecosystem developed around the Behavioral Assessment. Their data-driven software helps companies evaluate the current state and then design and activate the future state of their talent strategy.

It is a pretty incredible tool, offering companies a single place to go to accomplish a whole lot. If you are looking for something that goes beyond hiring, but also considers how you design and engage your teams, the Predictive Index software is an option you should seriously consider exploring further.

A couple of things I want to update you on about the Predictive Index methodology, since my original blog:

I previously noted that the advanced level of reports could have a slow ramp for leaders being able to digest and apply, the team at Predictive Index has greatly shortened that ramp through the addition of several tools within the software that provide incredibly valuable visuals and insights. These updates make understanding the members of a team, as individuals and as a whole, a much more user-friendly experience.

And while some degree of Predictive Index training is going to be required, you may find that it is actually easier to gain buy-in than your typical HR roll-out because of the user-friendliness of it. One of those user-friendly updates is the addition of “Reference Profiles” – these profiles create an easy – and fun! – language. This makes the predictive index assessment that much more adoptable by folks from all levels of the organization. These reference profiles make the powerful, data-driven insights from the tool that much easier for people to “get” and activate.

While the tool is easy to use, the Predictive Index recommends leveraging a Certified Partner at least for the initial implementation. As I mentioned before, the data that comes out of the tool is powerful – having a partner work with your leadership team to ensure everyone fully understands how to use that data is critical. Companies that utilize a resource with an expertise in the tool show greater long-term success.

Here at Proactive Talent, we loved using the tool within our own teams so much that we decided to take the relationship a step further and become certified partners. This Predictive Index certification means we have deeper knowledge of the system and can share a behind-the-scenes sneak peek for those considering the tool. So, if you would be interested in chatting about the Predictive Index, let me know!

Side Note: At Proactive Talent, we are tech agnostic. While we have our favorite tools – those we have seen to be consistently successful – we also know that not every tool works for every company. Whether consulting for a client or chatting with our peers, we always “do what’s right” and make suggestions based on the company’s unique needs.



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