March 07, 2017

Top 5 Social Recruiting Tools

Last week we showed our readers how to build a successful recruiting strategy, but with any good strategy you need the perfect set of tools in order to hit deliverables and obtain results. Make sure to check out last week's article before you read this one in order to build your strategy first and look at tools second. 

Social recruiting could be - and sometimes is - a job in and of itself because of its constant evolution. Recruiters understand the importance of leveraging social media but they’re also busy. With the advancements in social media and recruiting, figuring out how and where they intersect can be complex. And making the most of those intersections can turn into a time-consuming effort. However, the right tools can make the job easier, save time and maximize efforts.  

There are hundreds of tools, programs, apps, plugins and extensions in the social recruiting space, but here are our top 5 social recruiting tools to cover all your bases easily and efficiently. 


Think employer branding meets content distribution with gamification and analytics tied into a single experience. QUESocial enables recruiters and employees to help source and share employer brand content through social media seamlessly. With an increasing need for employers to get in front of top talent, QUESocial activates your own internal network and transforms employees into employee advocates overnight. The ability to use their existing network to distribute content without much effort is what makes QUESocial a star in the social recruiting space. Gamification and business analytics helps make this tool a must for our list. Learn more.  


Think crowdsourced content collection. Content is the fuel for your digital marketing engine. Rivet is a User Generated Content solution repurposed for employer branding and employee generated content. Users are constantly looking for a real "inside look" into the culture of a company. Rivet gives the power to the employees to give an unbias look into their everyday activities. Looking to promote a sales opportunity at your NYC office? Rivet allows your salesperson the ability to take a quick video of the sales team meeting or a photo of a group event to use in your job position quickly and efficiently. Rivet allows candidates a real look into the culture through real-time curated content. Learn more.  


This tool is a great example of utilizing the power of social for creating efficiency in the hiring process. This new tool lets your employees sync their social media and contact information and select the most qualified people in their network to refer into your company. Think of it as social referrals for quickly building a qualified database for your recruiters to source from. At its core, social recruiting is a way to increase referrals and engaging employees to spread the word about positions and culture at your company. ROIKOI was created as a way to do just that while adding the ability to improve diversity sourcing efforts and reduce unconscious bias in a very efficient way. Learn more.  


For anyone scouring the Internet for relevant content to share with your social audiences, Feedly will change your life. Finding great content doesn’t have to be hard, and Feedly is one of the easiest ways to do it. You can gather all the blogs, websites and publications that you find valuable and watch the content stream in all in one place. You can even organize them in folders based on topics you're following that are relevant for your audience. It’s also compatible with a lot of tools and apps to streamline your content gathering, disseminating and scheduling even further. Feedly also makes it easy to find and share relevant content from top sites. Learn more


In social recruiting, consistency is key in building an audience, keeping your talent pool engaged and developing a social presence. At the core of any social recruiting strategy is a social calendar that ensures consistency, and Hootsuite makes it easy to manage that calendar among all your social channels. It offers easy scheduling and instant posting very similarly to Buffer. So, that’s potentially one less app you’ll need if you're looking for a great social collaboration and engagement tool that also helps to auto-schedule and post content. It’s also a great social listening tool. You can also set up streams that help you easily find new content and follow topics, conversations, brand mentions and groups of people whether working on one social network or several. Learn more

Whether you're beginning on your social recruiting journey or a seasoned professional, these five social recruiting tools will help jumpstart your efforts in creating a strong employer brand and social recruiting strategy. Starting small with social recruiting platforms like Hootsuite and Feedly and working your way up to the more advanced tools will help you build a solid foundation.

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