September 18, 2016

48 Tools Every Sourcer And Recruiter Needs To Know [Updated]

If you’re a recruiter or sourcer, do you often find yourself starting your day early or staying up late to coordinate interview scheduling, pull together spreadsheets and reports, or search for tools that can improve your sourcing effectiveness? If you’re a talent acquisition leader or recruiting manager, are you looking to speed up your candidate sourcing and recruiting process while improving your quality of hire?

You’re not alone! These are common and very real challenges sourcers, recruiters and talent leaders face every day. And that’s why our team has decided to share some of our favorite candidate sourcing tools and Chrome extensions that we personally use and recommend to our clients to help optimize their recruiting and sourcing efforts.

These 48sourcing tools for recruiters will help accelerate your hiring process, improve your productivity and give you more time back, so you can focus on tasks that deliver real strategic value – connecting and building strong relationships with top candidates throughout the hiring process and developing a healthy talent pipeline for your organization.

Recruiting & Sourcing Chrome Extensions

1.  Prophet gives you the power to uncover emails, phone numbers and other information you can find on the web about candidates with their Twitter or Facebook account. But what makes Prophet so great is that it goes one step further with its advanced email generation and verification technology to ensure that a candidate’s generated email is correct and deliverable.

2. shows you a contact’s information from social networks as you browse them in your Gmail inbox. With the extension, you can also see any mutual Facebook friends and recent tweets on their LinkedIn profiles. On their Facebook profiles, you can see their work experience on LinkedIn as well as recent tweets and mutual connections. Who says Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can’t be friends?

3.  Evernote is great for recruiters and sourcers who do not have an ATS. It’s a candidate sourcing tool you can use to pull LinkedIn profiles in as you interview and take notes. Your notes are searchable with tags and keywords, and you can share and collaborate with your team on your notes. And with the Evernote Web Clipper extension, just one click and it can directly load a LinkedIn profile you’re viewing into your folder in Evernote, so you don't have to do the time-consuming copying and pasting work anymore.

4.  Entelo is a tech sourcer and recruiter’s best friend. The extension lets you view a candidate’s complete Entelo profile and presence on the web, make notes, add to your lists and email them, right from the sidebar. The “More Likely To Move” feature also shows you how open candidates are to new opportunities so you don’t waste time and resources on the wrong candidates.

5. can clip and drop data from job boards, career sites and social profiles into most ATS and CRM systems, allowing you to collect candidate and recruiting data more efficiently. If you want to message a candidate, on LinkedIn for example, this powerful extension can automatically paste your preloaded web communication templates into the message field and personalize your messaging, saving you time from doing manual copying and pasting.

6.  Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts inside your inbox, including their current job, company, LinkedIn profile, recent tweets, and even shared interests and connections to help you establish rapport.

7.  360social offers real-time search from over 140 social networks to help you find and connect with potential candidates in seconds. The extension searches and combines all social profiles to show you rich data on a candidate, without leaving the site you’re on.

8.  Aevy works on any sites across the web to let you search, find and instantly connect with candidates via their email addresses. Aevy also tracks any previous email interactions your team has with candidates so you don’t reach out to the same candidate twice.

9.  Clearbit Connect lets you find any employee email at any company with just a few clicks, all within your Gmail compose window. The extension also shows you contextual data when someone emails you, so you know exactly who you're talking to, including their role and company information (company type, number of employees and funds raised).  

10.  Aeroleads Prospect Finder allows you to search and find candidates on sites like Google, LinkedIn and AngelList, etc., and with one click you can automatically add them to your Aeroleads list with all their contact information, such as email and social media accounts.

11.  Falcon gives you the ability to gain access to anyone’s contact details by hovering over their names or emails from your inbox or social media networks like GitHub, Twitter, Quora and AngelList.

12.  Conspire helps you find the best paths to reach the candidates you’re wanting to connect with on LinkedIn, Gmail and AngelList. The tool shows you the relationship strength between your connections and candidates so you can identify the best contacts to give you the warm introductions you need to get a response.

13.  SourceHub is a powerful Boolean builder for sourcers and recruiters. Simply type in the job title keywords, skills and the location you’re looking for, and the extension will generate a Boolean search for you in seconds. You also have the option to open your Boolean results in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other niche sites to find your perfect candidates.

14.  Anymail finder lets you find the email address of anyone at any company with just one click! When using the extension with LinkedIn, it automatically searches for a candidate’s contact information when you browse their profile. No more typing!

15.  Intelligence Search is a Facebook search tool that lets you search and find candidates based on a number of criteria like job title, location, age, gender, language spoken and Facebook groups they are a member of.

16.  Email Hunter helps you find people’s email addresses from any websites. The extension also allows you to save your potential candidates on LinkedIn, which you can then download in CSV files or sync with CRM systems like Salesforce and Pipedrive.

17.   Data Miner is a great web scraping tool that lets you extract and save data into Excel spreadsheet files from any websites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and AngelList. With over 40,000 data extraction recipes, just one click and you can scrape the data you need in seconds from most websites without doing any actual coding. 

18.  InHiro lets you bookmark candidates and save their contact information as you browse their social profiles, such as LinkedIn. No more copying and pasting!

19.  AmazingHiring searches for different social networks of a candidate you’re browsing on LinkedIn, so you’re able to see everything about them, from their projects on GitHub to Stackoverflow, and other sites they’re on.

Content Curation & Sharing Tools

20.  Feedly is my favorite content aggregation and curation tool. You can use it to find, organize, read and share content that is relevant to your audience. I can’t stress how important it is for recruiters and sourcers to maintain a social media presence. A strong personal brand is the key differentiator that will separate you from other sourcers and recruiters, so you can successfully connect and hire the top candidates your company needs.

21.  Hootsuite is one of the best free social media management tool out there that you can use to schedule tweets, share content, monitor conversations, keywords or hashtags on social, and manage your updates on other social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, all from one platform.

22.  Buffer is a social media management tool similar to Hootsuite’s Hootlet Chrome extension that allows you to schedule updates and add content to your queue as you’re browsing the web.

23.  TweetDeck is a great free Twitter management tool and dashboard you can use to post, schedule and share content on all the Twitter accounts you own, search content and organize tweets by different categories, such as by topics, interests and conversations, all in real-time.

Productivity & Email Management Tools

24.  MixMax is a fantastic productivity and email management extension for those working in Gmail or Google Inbox. MixMax allows you to schedule emails and track who and when people have opened your message. Its one-click meeting scheduling feature is great for booking candidate interviews in just one email, so there’s no more back and forth messages or double bookings! There are other awesome features you can use like templates, document and video embedding and so much more.

25. allows you to create and embed your meeting booking page on a website to allow people to directly schedule time with you. The tool also automatically sends people a confirmation email when they make a booking and creates an event for it on your Google calendar.

26. is a free Chrome extension that works just like MixMax’s one-click meeting scheduling. The tool monitors your availability so people won’t double book you. It also automatically detects and converts your availability to the time zone recipients are on when you send your schedule.   

27.  Streak lets you manage the entire recruiting process in Gmail without going back and forth between your inbox and other tools. You can track applicants in your email, monitor open messages, share with your team resumes and your email correspondence with candidates, set email reminders for follow ups and next steps, and create email templates.

28.  Gorgias helps you write better emails faster. The extension allows you to create email templates, insert them quickly in your message and personalize them in seconds. No more copying and pasting! And you can even share your templates with your team.

29.  Boomerang allows you to schedule email messages, track opens and set reminders for follow ups. What’s cool about this extension is that it allows you to snooze incoming emails and bring them back to your inbox at a specified time, keeping your inbox clean but at the same time making sure you don’t lose track of important emails.

30.  OneTab reduces tab clutter when you have too many tabs open in Google Chrome. The extension converts your tabs into a list, which you can access individually or all at once at a later time. OneTab saves you up to 95% computer memory, making your browsing easier and faster.

Image & Graphic Creation Tools

31.  Canva makes graphic design easy and quick for everyone. With a free account, you can everything from social media banners to posters and infographics, using your own or Canva’s collections of free templates and graphics.

32.  Wordswag lets you add text to photos on your phone in seconds, which you can use to promote your job postings and other recruiting or employer brand content on social when you’re on the go.

33.  Piktochart is a free and easy-to-use tool that allows you to create beautiful visuals like infographics and posters.

34.  PicMonkey lets you make basic photo edits and quick touch ups and add special effects like filters. If you want more advanced features, you can get the paid plan for less than $40 USD a year.

35.  GIMP is another free graphic design tool that lets you create and edit visuals and images. It’s very much like Adobe Photoshop without the expensive price tag of purchasing the actual graphic design software.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

35. Karen.AI - This is a new recruitment AI that can analyze and rank thousands of resumes. It also possesses the ability to engage directly with candidates via a chat which can answer candidate questions, as well as perform pre-screens.  

36. Butterfly.AI - This is a real-time leadership coaching platform which can engage current employees regarding their work performance as well as provide data on micro and macro trends throughout the organization. 

37. FAMA - FAMA is in its purest form a social media screener which performs an analysis of a job candidate’s identity online, all while providing the screening team with information which is within EEOC and FCRA compliance. 

38.  Interviewed - This technology is similar to many other video interview screeners but with a few interesting features. One is its ability to assess language fluency for over 12 languages, and two it’s can guide candidates through real world work simulations, and grade their performance.  

39.  Entelo - Recruitment screening tool that scientifically selects the strongest potential candidates based on tailor made criteria. 

40.  Talent Sonar - This program utilizes AI and algorithms that streamline the whole hiring process. This includes aiding in writing job descriptions which can be aimed at improving outcomes of specific hiring goals such as gender diversity. 

41. (Olivia) – Olivia is a personal A.I. Recruiting Assistant helping to transform the candidate and recruiter experience through a human like chat interface helping to screen and engage candidates, automate scheduling, and answering candidate FAQs. 

42.  My Ally – My Ally developed an AI-powered virtual assistant, Alex, who can take over all complex coordination tasks typically handled by recruiting coordinators or admins such as schedule phone screens, on site meetings, answer questions, send reminders, coordinate multiple interviewer schedules, schedule conference rooms, share travel information and providing metrics for transparency into the hiring process. 

43.  Eva Bot – Smart virtual assistant that sends out personalized corporate gifts at scale. Just cc Eva in an email or install Evabot on Slack. Many companies are using this tool to send a thank you gift to high profile candidates after the interview. She’s even help with scheduling and gathering NPS scores on candidate experience.  

Curated Favorites from the SourceCon Community

44. Hiretual AIHiretual's AI-driven sourcing and recruiting solution empowers 10x faster talent sourcing with AI sourcing/recruiting, contact finding, and boolean building.  

45. GoodwinThe Relinklabs Goodwin API integrates job positions data for recruiters, providing machine learning features. It is available in JSON architecture that presents responses associated with applicant's job title, skills, future jobs, previous jobs, and education.

46. Glossary TechGlossaryTech for LinkedIn is your tech recruiting and sourcing assistant

47. AiretableAirtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything.

48. Our favorite tool, the SourceCon Community!  


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      Start Striving for a Better Rather Than Perfect Recruitment Process

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