January 16, 2018

An Ode to My Recruiter Friends

To all my recruiter friends -- this ode is for you.

Congrats! We all made it through the end-of-year demands
Those jobs that seemed unfillable.
Regardless of passing through several hands
And requirements unconditional.

This is an ode to all my corporate recruiter friends
It hurts seeing you hired and then let go.
Because the sudden push for recruiting ends
And talent demands ebb and flow.

My sentiment in these words is to express a common theme
When companies fail to workforce plan
With moving-target hiring, reactive as it can seem
It's recruiter positions that first get the can.

Some advice to companies with shifting hiring plans
Internal recruiters are not always what you need
Recruiting agencies can be costly and
For each hire they charge large fees

Our OnDemand Recruiting™ model works better I say
We’ll build your team as if we worked for you
Pay us hourly with no long term long contracts, by the way
Turn us on and off if you want to

Why Choose Proactive Talent OnDemand Recruiting™?

Proactive Talent wants to help you in the new year by giving you the gift of OnDemand Recruiting™. As a startup things move fast. In order to keep the engine running you need people and to hire those people you need a strong team of recruiters. We can partner with you on-site or off-site with full or partial recruitment process support, giving you the freedom to work within your business schedule or productivity requirements as we scale with you.

OnDemand Recruiting™ gives you access to our extensive talent network of professionals, deep industry knowledge, and extensive experience. You receive:

  • Experienced recruiters that can be activated quickly

  • Cost-effective solution over traditional contingency recruiting at less than half the cost

  • We provide dedicated resource(s) with the right skills, experience, tools and accountability

  • Option to turn on or off monthly with no extra fees

  • Seamless integration into your existing recruiting and HR teams

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you scale quickly and efficiently without worrying about having to let go of recruiters once hiring resumes back to a normal pace. 



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